Stylish terraced glazing

Terraced glazing
Stylish terraced glazing made of tempered glass will be a wonderful decoration of the terrace itself and make it more modern and comfortable, but also decorate the whole building.
Glazing of terraces in combination with a compact tire, guides and a wide choice of colors (painting and lamination) will easily fit into any interior. The veranda is completely transparent and does not allow wind, noise, and dust from the street. And if necessary, also fully folded!
Visually light glazing of the terrace with transparent tempered glass will decorate your terrace, making it much more convenient for use, but also will “modernize” the building itself.
Stylish terraced glazing
Glass Pilkington 10 mm transparent M0, safe - quenched.
Accessories of Junior firm (Poland), color anodized aluminum.
A set of hardware and consumables for installation.
Installation Guide with drawings of nodes.
Care products for glass and accessories.
Changing the color of accessories - powder painting in any color on the RAL palette, or lamination under the tree.
Change the type of glass (tinted in the mass, sandblasted drawing, frosted).
Construction width (B): 3500 mm
Construction height (H): 2700 mm
Opening width (A): 650 mm

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