Illuminated glass ceiling - aesthetics and functionality
Illuminated glass ceiling - aesthetics and functionality

Illuminated glass ceiling - aesthetics and functionality
This kind of ceiling creates a special atmosphere in any room. It will favorably allocate your home, emphasize its sophistication and bring into it that special, unforgettable share of piquancy. To create a harmonious composition of glass and light, two methods are used:

It is necessary to install a glass ceiling 15–20 cm below the main ceiling and to install LED strips or lamps in the resulting space.
Lighting devices are installed in the niches around the perimeter of the canvas, without requiring the creation of an indent.
illuminated glass ceiling
You can install the illuminated glass ceiling with your own hands, but with insufficient experience, there is a significant risk of getting an unevenly illuminated surface. In addition, the process of installing a niche and a reflective surface has many nuances, the knowledge of which depends on the reliability and durability of the structure.

Professional installation of glass ceilings - a guarantee of quality and safety
Glass ceilings are divided into frame and frameless. From the choice of this criterion depends on the possibility of the device of a particular type of structure. Installation of frameless ceilings is carried out directly on the surface of the ceiling or crates. In this way, it is possible to install mirrored or opaque ceilings.

Illuminated glass ceiling - aesthetics and functionality
When planning to install an illuminated glass ceiling in the kitchen, living room and other rooms, it is necessary to choose between frame-type models. These constructions consist of modules fixed by hangers at a certain distance from the ceiling. The shape and size of the frame depend on the parameters of the room and is most often manufactured by a company engaged in the production and installation of ceilings. The frame is made of metal or durable polymer.

installation of glass ceilings

Is it difficult to choose and install a glass ceiling?
In view of the specific requirements for compliance with the installation technology, the glass ceiling in the house is recommended to be installed with the assistance of a qualified workforce. Professional installation will protect you and your family from possible ceiling falls, loss of glass segments and other unpleasant situations. Ordering such a massive glass ceiling construction from professionals is a guarantee of confidence in the future!

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