How to choose and install glass doors?
How to choose and install glass doors?

How to choose and install glass doors?

Glass in an interior is one of the most favorite receptions of many designers. Today, many who want to learn how to choose and install glass doors? A rich selection of designs, ways of opening, the ability to ensure the penetration into the room of a large amount of natural light. In addition, these doors make the room less closed and lighter, voluminous.

How to choose and install glass doors?
As can be seen from the above, this kind of design process has a number of serious advantages and allows you to solve many problems. Also, it should be noted that to install a glass entrance door today is one of the most fashionable solutions, which are used by many owners of both residential and non-residential objects. However, the purchase of glass doors is a serious task that requires a responsible approach, knowledge of selection criteria and many nuances.

Glassdoor design
The primary criterion for any glass door is the opening method since it is only after analyzing this factor that conclusions can be drawn at all whether such a construction is suitable or not. There are the following types of doors:

sliding and sliding;
In this case, swing models are classics of the genre. They consist of a single leaf, but some designers use bivalves. Oar designs can be with a porch (guarantee a tighter fit, increased sound insulation) or without it. In general, these are extremely convenient doors, opening up wide opportunities for the implementation of design ideas. However, the installation of glass doors of swing type is relevant only for large and medium-sized rooms.

Folding structures are well suited for small apartments. They win against the hinged in terms of space efficiency, but they lose by the fit of the canvas and the heat and sound insulation characteristics. The most popular in this category is “book” and “accordion”, whose work is based on roller systems.

A universal option is considered to be sliding glass doors, the installation of which is suitable for any premises with different ceiling heights, area. The main feature of the sliding structure is the movement of the blade along with the guide, where a special rail is used. If the structure includes only one leaf, it is considered sliding. This option is used by designers for zoning the space, since opening the sash allows you to combine the zones into a single room.


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