How to choose and install a glass ceiling?

How to choose and install a glass ceiling?

 select and install glass ceiling
Wanting to transform an apartment, house or office space, just select and install a glass ceiling. In rooms with glass ceilings, energy consumption is reduced by several times, with a proportional increase in the performance of style and presentability. Manufacturing glass ceilings using modern technologies allow
How to choose and install a glass ceiling?

manufacturers to envisage the possibility of implementing the most daring design ideas.

Speaking of glass ceilings a century ago, it was difficult to imagine how many variations would be available today. At that time, it was actually difficult to realize too daring design fantasies, now it is possible! It remains only to invent your own unique concept of your glass ceiling construction or entrust this business to professional designers with many years of experience and a huge portfolio.

features and types of glass ceilings

Features and types of glass ceilings
There are several main varieties of such ceilings, which are now in demand for decorating residential and commercial premises. Among them are:

popular for decorating the office and residential premises. Due to the special properties of the surface, such ceilings do not have the ability to distort the visual perception of the size of the room;
glass ceiling with photo printing. This option will decorate any living room or hall. The theme of the print contributes to the creation of a unique atmosphere in the room;
tinted and painted on RAL. This type of design is most appreciated by romantics and creative people. If you choose the glass ceiling of this type, you can easily turn an ordinary room into a cozy nest;
How to choose and install a glass ceiling?
illuminated ceilings. Add aesthetics and originality to any of these types of the ceiling will allow the installation of LED backlighting in various colors and intensities.

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