Glass visor for a large office

Luxurious visor made of direct glass will allow elevating the main entrance to the room, making it more attractive and comfortable. The glass visor in combination with stainless steel fittings and sealing against the wall is highly resistant to external weather factors and retains its durability, reliability and tidy appearance for a long time.


Glass Pilkington triplex 6/6 mm transparent MO, with polished edges around the perimeter; safe - quenched.

                  Glass visor for a large office 

A set of hardware and consumables for installation.

Installation Guide with drawings of nodes.

Care products for glass and accessories

Additional modifications:

Resizing (up to 1400x3000 mm).

Changing the color of accessories - powder painting in any color on the RAL palette, or lamination under the tree.

Change the type of glass (tinted in the mass, sandblasted drawing, frosted).

Dimensions of construction:

Visor overhang (B): 1000 mm

Visor width (A): 2200 mm

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