Complex glazing of cottages

Complex glazing of cottages
Complex glazing of cottages. For a start, let me congratulate you on the final stage of the cottage construction! This means that you have already encountered such an important stage of construction as the glazing of the cottage. Today, the “child of fire and sand” is a completely universal building material, therefore its use even in non-standard places may well be justified and, at the same time, will make it a particular highlight of the whole house. The general scheme of the complex glazing of cottages is as follows: the glazing scheme of a cottage To find the most optimal glazing solution for your cottage from all points of view is not an easy task. But with skill, you can implement even the most ambitious projects for glazing the cottage, taking into account all the modern trends in design and architecture. On the example of one of the cottages we glazed, I would like to show the most common types of work in this area, which we conditionally divided into the glazing of a balcony and a loggia.
Glass Terrace Fencing
glazing of cottages The glass enclosure of the terrace of curved glass transformed the entire building as a whole, the facade began to look much more stylish and elegant. Thanks to the smoothness of the lines, the building acquired a sense of volume, besides, the terrace has become a kind of visor for the balcony, so that in the rain no one will experience discomfort.

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