Advantages of glass shower doors

It is highly recommended to separate a “wet” shower area not only because of aesthetic, but also in view of practical requirements. Splashes, foam, random streams of water, hot steam, falling on the walls – this all contributes to the appearance of dampness and then mold, fungus. The traditional protective curtain in waterproof cloth cannot fully protect shower zone. Its’ excellent alternative are glass doors, creating a comfortable micro

climate both inside the shower and outside it, in the “dry” zone.

Glass doors are a stylish completion of your shower.

If your shower cabin is already built from traditional materials and you just have to equip one side, which naturally which will serve as an entrance, we suggest installing glass doors into this opening. Doors made out of glass for a shower undoubtedly became one of the most important aspects in modern bathroom design. Such a door looks much more attractive than traditional protective curtains in waterproof cloth.

Glass shower doors are durable, elegant and a great addition to the bathroom of any style. Buying an all-glass shower door is a good investment in a luxurious interior and the functionality of your bathroom that will stand the test of time.

You may order different types of glass doors for a shower:  
-        single doors;  
-        double doors;
-        multi-fold doors(for folding systems);  
-        doors combined with additional side fixed elements

Shower glass doors may have different types of opening: swing, sliding and folding types.
You should pay a special attention to sliding doors that have a unique advantage of opening both inwards and outwards. Thus, the water flows into the shower space and the floor remains dry, which guarantees you complete safety.

Glass is unpretentious material. You can easily remove any dirt from its surface - all you need is an alcohol-free glass cleaner. Difficulties may occur only with old stains, but this will not happen if you practice the daily cleaning after each use of the shower.

Glass shower doors are made from tempered glass 6-2mm thick. Their
strength exceeds plastic doors. And the biggest advantage is individual choice of dimensions and design.

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  1. My husband and I are remodeling our bathroom, and your article had some great points about why we should install a glass shower enclosure during this project. I liked how you said that glass is easy to clean, and any alcohol-free glass cleaner removes dirt from the surface. Thanks; we'll keep this in mind when remodeling our shower.