7 Reasons Your Bathroom Needs a Frameless Shower Door

Frameless shower doors convey a clean and modern look. Bathrooms with a frameless heavy glass door have a wow factor that other bathrooms just don’t have. 


Bring in The Light


In many standard bathrooms, the only window is in the shower. Having a shower curtain or frosted glass means you are blocking that light from the rest of the room and creating a dark and dreary experience.

Contrast Modern and Classic

If you have beautiful tile work or old world classic stone in your shower, don’t hide it! Frameless glass doors may be considered modern but they are the perfect portal to show off those rustic and classic elements in your bathroom.

Open It Up

We all know that the open kitchen concept makes your space feel larger. The same is true of the bathroom. Think of removing the barrier of your curtain or framed shower in the same way as removing that wall that divides the kitchen from everything else in your home. The only difference is that it’s a lot less expensive to change your shower door!
Opening up the bathroom with a frameless shower door makes all the difference in creating a space that feels much larger and welcoming.

Break Down The Divide

Framed shower doors create a feeling of division in the room. Our eyes are naturally drawn to the walls and enclosures that surround us. A frames shower door creates a very obvious division in your bathroom. The frameless shower door on the other hand gives the allusion of space and freedom.

Infuse a Sense of Calm

Do you want your bathroom to feel like you are walking into a 5 star spa or resort in the Caribbean? How many of those resorts have shower curtains? If you want your bathroom to give you that feeling that you are on vacation, there is no other choice, go frameless.

Make it Elegant

For easiest way to introduce a high level of elegance into your existing bathroom is with frameless shower glass. It keeps things clean, simple, and elegant.

Enjoy your Décor

Do you like the way your bathroom is decorated? Frameless shower doors will allow you to get a clear view of the bathroom while you shower and gives a more natural feel to the room in general.

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