Other advantages of frameless glazing

Other advantages of frameless glazing
Aesthetics. Imagine glazing without frames and uprights, letting in maximum sunlight! It is worth ordering frameless glazing for rooms with a view of the sea or the garden in order to enjoy beautiful landscapes every day.
Simplicity of design. Frameless glazing of a balcony, terrace or other structure easily "parks", that is, all the wings are shifted to one side and take up little space. Thus, you completely open the opening of the balcony and enjoy the panorama. The shutters can be moved through any angles, so you can glaze the construction of any configuration.
Convenient hygiene service. Thanks to easy access to both sides of the wings and the absence of a threshold, the glass is easy to clean.
Strength. If you look at the photo of frameless glazing, the design will seem to you too light and unreliable. In fact, it is very durable and consists of aluminum profiles and tempered glass. The system withstands significant mechanical loads, for example, strong gusts of wind.
Big size. You can place an order for glazing a terrace, veranda or other large-sized structure with a maximum height of 3 m and a maximum leaf width of 900 mm.
Security. A system that seems so elegant and “airy” is actually much safer than suspended structures.
Durability. Glass, mounts and profiles are designed for long-term operating conditions, and glass panels practically do not wear out. Also, frameless glazing of the veranda does not require additional maintenance after installation.
Tightness. Thanks to the connection of two aluminum profiles, the system reliably protects the balcony and other structure from precipitation and strong wind.
Other advantages of frameless glazing
Other advantages of frameless glazing

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