Types of glass partitions

Types of glass partitions
Types of glass partitions
Another solid advantage of the described structures is a large range. So, the company offers many options for glass partitions, where everyone can find a suitable option.

By type of construction, the following types of glass partitions are distinguished:

frame - like frames, is made from special high-quality aluminum - metal, which has a lot of operational advantages over its competitors, which are steel, wood, PVC;
all-glass - do not have a frame, joined by the ends. Silicone glue is used to seal joints.
To destination glass partitions are:
stationary - rigidly attached to the ceiling, floor;
mobile - quickly installed, can move. Very often used in modern offices;
Transformable partitions, in turn, are divided into sliding (using a roller system) and folding (working on the principle of an accordion).

Decoration of glass partitions and accessories
Professional designers who work tirelessly to increase the attractiveness of the designs offered. Therefore, each client can choose a glass partition that will meet its requirements in full.

In its production, it uses the following types of decoration:

painting in any color. We work in the entire RAL catalog, so we do not limit the client;
sandblasting. The drawings obtained using this technology look great and become a real highlight of the whole interior;
tinting - application of a special film on one side of the partition. A variation of tinting is matting;
photo printing - drawing a picture on the glass allows you to create unusually original designs.

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