Types of glass and fittings

Types of glass and fittings

Pendulum designs can be called a kind of swing. The only difference is that they can open in both directions. They are often used for the living room, kitchen, dining room, while in need of free space on both sides.

Radial glass doors are distinguished by their curvature, curvature of elements. Thanks to a non-standard form, they can be called stylish and designer. They are great for people who love originality.

It is quite clear that an important criterion of a glass door is precisely the type and quality of the material of the canvas itself. The use of ordinary glass as the last cannot be called safe. Therefore, it is better to choose glass doors, where the leaf material is:

glass with reinforcement;
tempered glass;

Another major advantage is the fact that glass doors are made using several decoration methods at once. Therefore, each client will be able to choose the best option. Here, the use of innovative photo printing on glass, sandblasting technology and painting in any color according to the RAL catalog is considered the most popular.

types of glass and accessories

Our specialists pay due attention to the fittings. In addition to the reliability and high quality of this product, the company ProSteklo offers a wide selection of materials and designs. So, the handle material can be stainless steel or aluminum. At the same time, we can offer quality for gold, glossy, matted versions. The ways of working and the design of accessories can also be different: ordinary, with a latch, clamping, with a lock, indicators (for example, entertaining/free for toilets, etc.).

Installation of glass doors
Having bought this kind of design, a person immediately begins to think about how to install glass doors. Immediately, we note that this process, like any other work with glass, is very complex. Errors in the implementation of this process leads to serious problems: distortions, cracking of the canvas, improper operation of accessories, etc.
Types of glass and fittings

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