The obvious advantages of glass fencing

The obvious advantages of glass fencing
The main advantages of glass constructions can be considered high aesthetic indicators and opportunities opening up to the designer. The ductility o
The obvious advantages of glass fencing

f the material and the ability to take any geometric shape when heated allow you to create sophisticated and very beautiful products. Also, the installation of glass fencing allows you to solve some practical problems, including:

increase the rate of natural lighting of premises, thereby reducing the power consumption;
additionally protect the room from fire, noise and heat loss when using special glass and creating partitions according to the appropriate technology;
reliably protect personnel working with customers by installing a glass partition on a rack. This solution is especially important in banks and other institutions of this kind.

How to install glass fences correctly?
The process of installing glass fences, regardless of its type, begins with the preparation of the working surface. This includes such actions as:

removal of debris and elements of old walling;
marking of mounting points of fasteners;
creating holes for racks or slots for the profile.
After the surface has been adjusted to the requirements, installation of the supporting elements is carried out. The fence can be installed in various ways, it all depends on the location and preferences of the customer. The most commonly used methods are: insert into the slab, fixing on hidden fasteners, mounting on figured racks, etc.

The obvious advantages of glass fencing
The method of insertion involves the creation of a groove along the contour of the glazed section (ceiling, walls, floor) and the installation of glass in it. Most often, this method is used when working with external balconies, attic floors and when dividing the internal space into isolated areas.

If we consider the installation of glass fencing on the stairs, balconies inside the premises, as well as around the pools, then the best option would be to use racks or hidden fasteners. In both cases, the installation of support racks, embedded at a certain depth in the floor slab or floor is carried out. The glass itself is fastened either in the groove of the decorative stand fixed on the bearing element or fixed on brackets mounted around the perimeter and fixed on the supporting stands and handrails.

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