Glass shop window

Glass shop window

We want to bring to your attention our rather old work - a glass showcase for the ITIS flower gallery. The glass itself is almost imperceptible and does not attract much attention to itself, that is, it is practically not visible that it exists at all. Thus, the main focus will always be on the product sold, in this case - flower compositions, which will attract the attention of people passing by (read - potential customers).
Glass shop window 
A spectacular showcase of tempered glass with an opening in combination with various accessories and a wide choice of colors (painting and lamination) will make the partition of your store at the same time and its showcase.


Glass Pilkington 10 mm
Accessories manufactured by Haideli (China)
Haideli Stainless Steel Handle (China)
The closer with bilateral opening Haideli (China)
Hardware kit
Installation Guide with node drawings
Care products for glass and accessories

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