Glass fenced terraces of curved glass

Glass fenced terraces of curved glass
Glass fenced terraces of curved glass transformed the entire building as a whole, the facade began to look much more stylish and elegant. Thanks to the smoothness of the lines, the building acquired a sense of volume, besides, the terrace has become a kind of visor for the balcony, so that in the rain no one will experience discomfort.
Steel uprights and curved glass segments
Bent glass segments are mounted on rather inconspicuous, but very reliable racks of anodized steel, due to which high structural strength and minimalism in the design are achieved.
Balcony or Loggia fencing
glazing of the cottage Balcony fencing of glass on racks of stainless steel will allow you to get a panoramic view from the balcony and from the room. From the street, the balcony looks amazing, due to, firstly, its absolute transparency, as well as due to several turns. Looks stylish
An aluminum handrail will allow you to lean on it while on a balcony or loggia.
Glass doors to the cottage, windows to the cottage
Thanks to the glass doors, the room will simply be filled with sunlight, despite the fact that this approach implies a slight loss of heat, the glass wall is able to replace the wall of more usual building materials, say, from brick. Using this cottage as an example, we showed only a small part of the possibilities that today tempered glass and structures made of it provide us, and whether to use these capabilities is already up to you!

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