What Glass Is The Best For Shower Doors?

Studying showers, you probably noticed that they are equipped with a variety of glass. The most commonly used solutions include:

Plain glass. This option is the most economical. Ordinary glass always has an attractive appearance, it is not affected by detergents and is easily cleaned in case of contamination. A significant disadvantage of ordinary glass is its fragility; if it breaks, many fragments with sharp edges are formed, so this solution is not suitable for families with children or animals.
Triplex is a glass material that consists of two or more layers of glass glued with transparent polymer film. This type of glass has increased resistance and noise insulation properties. A significant advantage of triplex is its ability to shatter upon breaking into a huge number of small fragments without sharp ends. These properties cause a rather high cost of showers with triplex.

Tempered glass is a regular glass that has undergone a special high-temperature treatment. After this procedure, the material acquires increased strength and becomes stable with respect to temperature changes. Like triplex glass, tempered glass breaks into glass particles without sharp edges.

It is generally recognized that the bathroom is one of the most dangerous rooms in the apartment, most of the domestic incidents happen here. And in order to maximally protect family members you should carefully consider which appliances and structures should be in your bathroom.
If you decide to install a glass shower door, then it is better to refuse from ordinary glass because of its fragility and insecurity. The overwhelming majority of specialists and ordinary consumers have come to the conclusion that tempered glass is optimal choice since it has excellent strength with a relatively small weight. Triplex structures have a slightly lower transparency and less practical than tempered glass. If this glass was made of poor quality, the polymer layer may eventually begin to deform spoiling the appearance of the glass and reducing its reliability. Tempered glass by Giovani Glass will never have such defects. The price also plays a significant role - tempered glass with excellent performance is slightly cheaper than triplex.

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