Pros and cons of glass shower doors

Glass shower doors are very popular, and this is explained by a number of quite objective advantages:
• First, glass is an inert material that does not react with either water or detergent. Due to this property, the construction turns out to be practically eternal: the doors of the door are not damaged even in the case when they are constantly in a wet state.
• Secondly, glass doors are hygienic. The smooth surface does not accumulate dirt, and if necessary it is very easy to clean.
• Thirdly, a properly designed and properly installed door is very easy to open and close. Fittings for glass doors in the shower are made in a way to compensate for all the weight loads and to ensure a light movement with minimal effort.
• Finally, it is worth noting the attractiveness of such products: even simple glass models look amazing. And Giovani Glass can offer you a variety of tinted and embossed glass with further decorations with tinted glass inserts or sandblasted drawings, you will see that the design potential of glass doors is endless.

Naturally, glass doors have also some disadvantages:

Glass, even tempered one - is still fragile material. Of course, for the production of doors we use either triplex or glass panels laminated with nitrocellulose film, but in any case, a strong blow may lead at least to the appearance of a crack.
Condensate can appear on a smooth surface and must be wiped off. To avoid this and not to look through the blurred glass, it is necessary to ensure optimal heating of the bathroom (for example, a warm floor) and effective ventilation.

The price of this product can also be quite high. But our specialists will help you make an affordable choice.

And yet, despite these shortcomings, a glass door to a niche for a shower or a shower cabin is one of the best solutions for the interior of the bathroom.

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