4 Reasons Why Frameless Glass Shower Doors Are the Only Way to Go

Bathrooms have long transitioned from addressing daily needs such as bathing, to being an oasis of calm and luxury. Today, next to the kitchen, the bathroom is the most treasured room in a house and an essential component of the home’s personality.

Contemporary home décor seeks to include elements that are sleek, simple, and sophisticated, and bathrooms are no exception. Since the introduction of frameless glass shower doors there has been no better way to elevate your bathroom’s ambience, and to add value to your home.

1. Frameless Shower Doors Make Your Bathroom Appear Larger

Glass has an inherent quality of making a space look and feel larger. Frameless shower doors consist of heavy glass, that is 3/8” to 1/2” thick.

Because the thicker glass flexes less, it requires no frame to support it.

It also makes even the smallest of bathrooms feel bigger. Bathrooms of any size can be accommodated by different shower door configurations in frameless styles.

2. Glass Doors Allow Elegant Designs

Frameless showers provide a seamless look by using almost no metal. The glass is mounted directly to the wall with minimal and discreet hardware. For an ultramodern look, many custom designs include glass on several or all sides. 

3. Clear Glass Keeps Your Bathroom Open and Airy Feeling

Because frameless glass shower doors let you see past them, they don’t serve as a visual wall like a shower curtain or framed door does.

This creates an open and airy feeling making your bathroom seem larger, brighter and less confining.

4. Showcase Beautiful Tile Designs

Opaque doors mask the beauty of your shower by creating an illusion of a giant box sitting in your bathroom. This takes away the natural feel and splendor of your bathroom décor. Frameless glass shower doors provide a crystal clear view of the tile design, color and accents, thus allowing for greater aesthetic appreciation. 

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